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Twiddle Ons Foot Finder Toys - Fish
Twiddle Ons Foot Finder Toys - Fish
Sock Ons

Twiddle Ons Foot Finder Toys - Fish

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Foot finder toys that actually stay on babies feet!

Babies are fascinated with their feet, so toys attached to their socks is a great idea except that up until now they would be pulled off in seconds. But not anymore!

Following on the phenomenal global success of the multi award winning Sock Ons (clever little things that keep baby socks on), Twiddle Ons have been designed with toys attached to encourage babies to play with their feet keeping them entertained and engaged whilst the toys stay firmly in place.

In addition, Twiddle Ons allow baby to explore the sounds, colours and textures of toys which have been carefully designed with babies developmental stages in mind without losing them!

Encourages hand to eye coordination.

High contrast colours in tune with key developmental stages.

Soft satin tags.

Bells inside to attract attention.

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