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Weaning Baby at Christmas Time

If you’re celebrating your baby’s first Christmas you will have no doubt bought a beautiful outfit for them to wear on the Big Day! After all you can’t turn up at Grandma’s house without looking your best. But a weaning baby can also be a very messy baby and trying your first Christmas dinner could be disastrous for your baby’s special Christmas attire. Enter the Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs….these unique feeding bibs will keep clothes dry and protected as well as absorbing moisture – up to ¼ of a cup – so that your little one stays dry too. They come in an array of colours to match any outfit and make the perfect weaning bib to grow with your baby as they explore new foods.

So what to feed baby on Christmas day? Why not try mashing roast potatoes up with some cranberry sauce? You could also mash strong tasting sprouts in with other blander seasonal vegetables such as parsnip to make a tasty meal and hopefully introduce more veg. Just keep your Mum 2 Mum Wonder Feeding Bib on to avoid any mess. And if they do refuse anything that you offer do not beat yourself up. It’s time for you to relax too so if they will only eat a jarred puree then so be it. Try again on Boxing Day….and don’t forget bib up!

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