Wonder Bibs and baby accessories designed by Mums for Mums
Wonder Bibs and baby accessories designed by Mums for Mums
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Customer reviews of our products are very important to us. Here are a small selection of the comments we receive.  If you would like to submit a testimonial please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Wonderful bibs. Most impressed. It has taken 21 years to find a bib that does not stain. As a mother of 4 I would of loved these bib's long ago. Well done, and keep up the good work- Janine

I can honestly say I have tried many bibs over the years and nothing comes close to the Mum 2 Mum wonder bibs. They are amazing for a number of reasons - they are effective, soft and comfortable , come in a variety of styles and colours and wash and wear beautifully- Maggie, Foster Carer

Wonder bibs have been so successful for us because they are fantastic quality and perform so much better than any other bib on the market, as well as them looking really contemporary! - Waitrose Baby Buyer ( Retailer of Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bibs since 2008) 

I have found that the ‘Clever Grip Toddler Cutlery’ is an excellent set for any baby starting to use cutlery. In fact, they are the best feeding utensils we have used and they come highly recommended. They have been designed with finger guidelines to teach your child how to hold forks and spoons correctly when self feeding. My twin girls were struggling with the concept of feeding themselves correctly before these came along. - Anna

I have recently purchased a teething bandana bib and cannot fault the product. The item came well packaged and was promptly delivered. The bib washes well and colour is still vibrant. I frequently receive comments asking where I purchased the product. The attached teether has been really beneficial, allowing my child to independently utilise and has been an immediate comfort! I would highly recommend this product, in fact I have just ordered another for a friend's baby! An essential item for your changing bag! Thank you Mum 2 Mum!- Laura

I've a special needs son and I've bought the Mum 2 Mum PLUS bibs from you before - brilliant absorbency - Kay

I bought the CityGrips wondering if they would be the solution for the handles of my first stroller. As our second baby is coming, I wanted to use the same stroller, but the foam on the handles was dry and broken. It was solved with the CityGrips!- Mariella

My new Maclaren stroller has light grey gel handles which are not at all practical getting dirty each time you touch them. The CityGrips not only fit perfectly and look stylish but feel soft and comfy to touch too ! I actually did not expect them to be this good. I would recommend to anybody. Being a nurse I would also suggest the CityGrips as an infection control measure due to them being washable. Brilliant product !- Anastasia

We have been using Mum 2 Mum sleeved bibs & we are very impressed. They fully cover the baby/toddler when feeding to protect their clothes. The best part of the bibs is the popper fastening. My girls can get most bibs off which is massively annoying but they haven’t managed this one yet and therefore gets my vote! - Anna B

I am so impressed with the Mum 2 Mum Sleeved Bib. Its kept my son clean & dry which is quite a feat as he is such a messy eater. Great for a bit of messy play too. I'm definitely going to buy some more. Highly recommend! - Sarah

I love the Clever Grip Cutlery, my little boy got the hang of it straight away and enjoys using it. - Sarah 

Bandana bib is great quality, washes well. Absorbs a lot of liquid and because of the two poppers you can adjust to the bigger size if needs be. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!- Rebecca

Big fans of the Mum 2 Mum PLUS bibs in this house. My daughter is 7 and I'm yet to find anything which beats them - Sasha

I love your Wonder Bibs - they're great for my little girl who was a reflux baby and dribbles constantly! - Jo

Thick towelling, good quality bandana bib. The bib has two poppers so that you can tighten or loosen it if needed. The bib is designed to catch dribbles and in this respect is a good size. It can be left on through the day and not annoy my son like his other bibs (which he kept leaning on when crawling).The fabric used for this bib is very practical and absorbent. Superb value for money -  no more changing t-shirts every half an hour ! - Michelle


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