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Mum 2 Mum Bandana Style Dribble Bibs

As well as being sometimes painful for baby, teething can also make them dribble more than usual. The Mum 2 Mum range has a selection of dribble bibs to provide a solution; from the original Bandana Wonder Bib in plain colours and stylish prints to the newly designed Teething Bandana Wonder Bib with attached silicone teether featured in the Independent's 10 best baby bibs that help with dribble rash, or the eco-friendly, hypoallergenic Bamboo Bib. Mum 2 Mum have a dribble bib for every baby !

Perhaps one of the most popular dribble bib lines the Bandana Wonder Bib is not only functional but looks super-stylish too with a huge selection of colours and designs as well as reversible bibs and bamboo bibs available too. The lightweight absorbent bandanas can be used as dribble bibs, teething bibs, worn all day to combat dribbling and spills. The adjustable neckline allows them to grow with baby and the wide range of sizes (from 4 months to 3 years) means that you can rely on these dribble bibs throughout your child’s early years.

The Bamboo Bandana Bib is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, lightweight and cool. Why Bamboo? Bamboo draws moisture away from the skin, is anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and lightweight and cool for baby to wear. Alongside all of these great features the Bamboo dribble bibs are eco –friendly too.

With all the brilliant benefits of the popular dribble bibs, the Teething Bandana Bib features an attached silicone teether, designed with raised and offset surfaces that gently massage sore gums. The teething bandana bibs are light and comfortable enough to be worn all day and the ultra-absorbency keeps baby’s neckline dry and clean.

Infant Wonder Bibs from birth to six months, 16 colours

Standard Wonder Bibs from birth to three years, 22 colours

Bandana Wonder Bibs from four months to three years, 22 colours

Teething Wonder Bibs from four months to three years, six colours

Sleeved Wonder Bibs Size SMALL from six to 18 months, size LARGE 18 months to three years, 15 colours

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